wink voice activation


Voice Activation Setup

First download the Amazon Echo app to your smart phone at The in-app instructions will walk you through it.
After that, follow these instructions to link smart home products to your Echo

1. Connect compatible products in your Wink app and set individual names for each lighting product (bedroom lamp, kitchen light, etc.).
2. Link your Wink account to Echo within the Echo mobile app (Settings > Connected Home > Device Links > Wink).
3. From there, say “Alexa, discover new devices.” This can take up to 20 seconds.

All set. Now your smart home system has voice activation. Give Alexa voice commands and watch your home come to life.

*Note that if you have multiple Wink smart home products installed and you would like to control a group, you must group them in the Amazon Echo App. Echo won't recognize any light groupings that are set up in the Wink App, only individual light names.

Controlling Groups With The Echo

To control a group of smart products with voice activation through the Echo you have to create the group within the Amazon Echo App. It will not recognize groups that were created in the Wink App.

To set up a group go to Settings > Connected Home > Groups. Select which smart home products you want to control with a single voice command and name the group. Now you can tell Alexa to control a group of smart home products with one voice command.