Automated control with IFTTT


What is it?

IFTTT stands for "IF This Then That". It is complete automation of things in your life that you want to be completely automated. You can set recipes, as they are called, for almost any account or product that is connected. This allows one thing to happen when another connected device recognizes a certain action. This has endless applications so we will only cover a few that pertain to home automation. IFTTT recipes are easy to program and can be tweaked to fit your exact needs. Here are a few examples.

  • Program your lights to turn on when you come home, or to turn off when you leave with your smartphones GPS.
  • Turn on your A/C when you leave work.
  • Turn off your smart power strip or lights at a certain time.

How do I get it?

There are many possibilities and many functions that can be performed. It all depends on what actions you want to automate. Inside the Wink App there is a robot setting to create your own IFTTT recipes, or you can use pre-written recipes that connect to your Wink Hub to from an outside source. The Wink App Robot seems to give you a little bit more control by allowing you to choose time windows when your functions will be active. You also have to go into the Wink App anyway to set up shortcuts so that the external program will know what to control.

If you are only connecting smart home products that can be controlled by the Wink App, it would be easier to just set up a robot yourself within the app. If you want to automate anything outside the Wink App, like control getting an email if rain is in the forecast, or to create a spreadsheet of all your locations on a road trip, go to and set up a free account. This is also a great place to find ideas for automation that your custom robots will be able to perform. After setting up your free account and verifying your email address, search wink and see hundreds of free recipes.

Easy Wink App IFTTT Recipes

Go to the robots section on your Wink App. This is where you will control your IFTTT functions. Name the robot that you are going to set up. Choose which function will be the trigger, or the IF part of the function. For example when you are getting close to being home or when you leave the office etc. You can choose other smart home products to be the trigger as well such as when Nest thermostat goes into auto away mode. Save the trigger and then choose a time you want this robot to be active or leave this option on the default of anytime. After that choose the action, or the function you want to happen when IF of the equation is detected. Here is an example.

  • IF arriving at home..
  • Between sunset and sunrise...
  • Then turn on entry lights at 100%

This recipe turns on my entry lights when I come home after dark. Automatically! It's that easy.